Greetings from the Wine Cellar:   What looks to be a glorious fall season is well underway here in Yuma as we enter the first week of October - a good reason to issue another reminder that the first Wednesday of every month here at the Wine

Greetings from the Wine Cellar:   As we close out September this week, our Yuma weather seems to be in a headlong rush toward Fall.  It’s hard to believe the summer heat is a thing of the past just yet, before we even get to October, but

Greetings from the Wine Cellar:   This week heralds the arrival of the Fall season here in the great Southwest, and it’s not a moment too soon.  And you’ll have to admit the weather, if perhaps not yet Fall-like in all respects, is lately a great improvement

Greetings from the Wine Cellar:   This Saturday, September 16th, the Old Town Wine Cellar will mark the midpoint of the month by presenting another of our occasional Saturday Afternoon Beer Tastings.  We’ll start at noon and go until 6 PM, with the usual great selection of