Greetings from the Wine Cellar:   The Old Town Wine Cellar is OPEN!! Please excuse my frustration, but lately I keep hearing from customers who tell me that they have mentioned to others that they’re going to or have just been to the Cellar, and the response

Greetings from the Wine Cellar:   As we near the end of April this week, here’s hoping we’re approaching the time when we can begin to “re-open” our local economy and let society function normally. Fingers crossed!! But in the meantime, please rest assured that the Old

Greetings from the Wine Cellar:   Life must go on in the midst of our current rather disheartening situation, and part of that is that pretty much everyone is dining at home, whether or not by choice. Now personally, I like to cook, but whether it’s a

Greetings from the Wine Cellar:   Whether you’re currently “sheltering in place” and working from home, or showing up every day at the job, the Wine Cellar is here for you. The Cellar remains open for business, with our regular hours of 11AM - 7PM Tuesday to