Greetings from the Wine Cellar:   They say Memorial Day Weekend marks the “unofficial” start of summer, but here in Yuma it’s pretty much official: summer is here.  That said, the weather is still pretty darn pleasant, even if trending a bit hotter as the days and

Greetings from the Wine Cellar:   Memorial Day Weekend 2018 is just a week away!  Lots of folks head away from town for the holiday weekend, but plenty more (like me!) stick around and get together with friends and family to celebrate the beginning of summer with

Greetings from the Wine Cellar:   There’s not a lot to say this week, as we all enjoy our great late-Spring weather as much as we can before the real heat of the Yuma summer is upon us.  So we’ll just let our wines do the talking:   THIS

Greetings from the Wine Cellar:   Mother’s Day is getting close, this Sunday the 13th of May to be exact.   As I always say (pretty much every year in fact), a great way to show Mom how much you care is by buying her a real nice