Greetings from the Wine Cellar:   Whew, Labor Day weekend 2017 is finally upon us.  Don’t forget to drop by the Wine Cellar (yes, we will be open Saturday) to stock up on some great wines and craft beers for your holiday weekend get-togethers if you’re staying

Greetings from the Wine Cellar:   As we reach late August, summer is lingering as it always does hereabouts, but there are some refreshing refuges you can seek to get some respite from the heat – for instance, the Old Town Wine Cellar.  Short of a meat

Greetings from the Wine Cellar: We’ve reached the midpoint of August, so it’s time for the first Main Street Block Party of the season here in Historic Downtown Yuma. Celebrate the Heat on Yuma's Main Street! put on by Yuma Heritage Festivals will take place on

Greetings from the Wine Cellar: This coming Saturday, August 12th, the Old Town Wine Cellar will offer another of our occasional Saturday Afternoon Beer Tastings. We’ll start at noon and keep going until 6 PM, with a diverse selection of American craft beers and interesting